Landhaus Flottbek

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Landhaus Flottbek is located in the west of Hamburg, one of the most wonderful parts of the city. The area is surrounded by parks and mainly consists of small roads with magnificent houses and mansions. Additional bonus: its proximity to the Elbe. Jungfernstieg – which could be described as the city centre – and the Inner Alster are just a 20 minute ride away on the S-Bahn from Othmarschen or Klein Flottbek.

Our friends from the city's most beautiful magazine, DER HAMBURGER, compiled a few hand-picked suggestions, exclusively for our guests.

Der Hamburger



What the Champs-Élysées are to the French, are the 500 glamorous metres of the famous one-way street for the Othmarschener's. The boulevard is lined on both sides with plenty of boutiques, small shops, friendly bakeries, an astonishingly large number of real estate agents as well as everything you need for your daily life.

A good starting point is the Café Newport. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, you sit on the pavement enjoying excellent coffee and delicious croissants, while chef Roland lets you in on the quarter's mysteries and secrets. And see who wants to be seen on the „catwalk“.

A ten minute walk from the Landhaus along the mansions of Gross Flottbeker Strasse takes you to Waitzstrasse. For those who want to discover more: the Othmarschen train station, adjacent to Waitzstrasse, provides a quick and easy connection to the city centre.

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Museums and Oaks


You will find an abundance of parks, gardens, mansions, pretty streets and small paths in Othmarschen and you will be surprised time and again how they connect the whole area. First among equals, at any time of day or year, is the Jenischpark, a listed leisure area with beautiful lonely standing oak trees, lines of sight, lush pastures and the urstromtal
of the Flottbek.

Sitting on the steps of the Jenischhaus, watching container ships sailing through the park, as it seems to the eye, visiting one – or all – of the three small but excellent museums (Bargheer, Barlach, Jenischhaus), just taking a stroll or jog the marvellous round of 2.5 kilometres as often as you can and like. Or if you feel adventurous: to the east you will find the Reemtsma-Park the Westerpark is to the west.

And the Elbe is at the bottom edge of the park, just beyond the Elbchaussee. The city is to the left, New York to the right. In case you haven't had enough yet...

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Right here at the Elbchaussee, the devil had let himself be fooled once again. A massive wooden sculpture – in May underneath flowering cherry trees – is a reminder of that story. However, this area is actually best-known for the pontoon where the HADAG ferry-line 64 docks to take you across the Elbe to Finkenwerder. There, you can catch the 62-line, which is the most beautiful boat connection to the city. While enjoying stunning views on the top deck, in any kind of weather, you will reach the harbour within half an hour.

Before the last stop, Landungsbruecken, the museum harbour in Oevelgoenne or the famous Fischmarkt (Bistro Liberté on the jetty, ooh lala) are inviting attractions on the way there, views of the Elbphilharmonie and the docks of Blohm & Voss included. This is public transport at its best! And who doesn't want to leave or is returning to Teufelsbrueck will be in the best hands at the restaurant Engel and TV-chef Tarik Rose.

During summer, people often go for a swim on the fine sandy beach. In winter, only the vikings dare to do so...

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Between Ottensen and Othmarschen, a row of picturesque houses on the waterside is hidden at the bottom of the slope leading down to the Elbe. No cars, everybody is equal here. And it doesn't get much better than the Strandperle. Beer, fish sandwiches, feet in the sand and sunglasses on the head while watching 20,000 containers being parked backwards. When Hamburg's summer doesn't fall on a Tuesday for a change, this is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. The „New York Times“ agrees with us, by the way.

How to get there? From the Treppenviertel in Blankenese or Teufelsbrueck upstream on the spectacular Elbwanderweg. Or via Elbchaussee near house number 185 – good luck finding a parking space. The steep Schulberg leads you straight to the Strandperle.

Needless to say, DER HAMBURGER brought a beautiful story about the magic of Oevelgoenne – even before the Times did.

On-Site Oevelgönne

Stairway to Heaven


The original Blankenese, nucleus of sailors, pirates and fishermen, as well es all that has been added since 1301. South facing like a satellite dish. Airbus and the „Altes Land“ always in sight. Towards the Elbe, the sky, the sun – an ideal place to grow wine perhaps, if there weren't so many beautiful houses already. It takes generations to take it all in. Good legs should be enough for a start, though. You will end up on the beach anyway. The characteristics and peculiarities of Blankenese can be best studied at Elas „Op`n Bulln“ or – also belonging to her – at „Kajüte S.B. 12“.

In summer 2020, the HAMBURGER wrote a witty story about the Treppenviertel with plenty of tips, titled „Stairway to Heaven“.

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Lokis Legacy

Botanic Garden

In Hamburg, not only do we like to nurture our flowers, but also the memory of our former chancellor, Helmut Schmidt. The ample garden – just a 15 minute walk from the Landhaus – is dedicated to his wife Loki who was a passionate conservationist.

Here, in close proximity to Klein Flottbek train station, the flora of Asia and the Americas as well as the European forest are found alongside a sea of flowers to revel in. A good spot for taking selfies is the naked sculpture of Adam scavenging his paradise which regularly gets new boxershorts sprayed on.

Passing through the station is a marvellous footpath through the Westerpark and the Wesselhoeftpark towards the Elbe and Teufelsbrueck.

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